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We Use A Crypto Exchange Aggregator.

Explore services, evaluate exchange rates, and seamlessly exchange cryptocurrency within a single interface. All swaps are non-custodial and require no registration. Avoid the inconvenience of scouring multiple exchanges for the best rates. We streamline the process by gathering a multitude of offers for your convenience.

How Do Instant Swaps Work?

We compile offers for supported cryptocurrency pairs from over 15 exchange services by utilizing their APIs. Upon receiving users’ inquiries, we obtain deals directly from our partners and sort them based on rate, speed, and rating. Users can then conveniently perform swaps through their selected providers without ever having to leave our website.

Swapping Crypto Is Easy!

Step 1 Choose from more than 50,000 exchange pairs.

Step 2 Choose the best offer for your pairs.

Step 3 Enter your wallet to receive coins.

Step 4 Send your deposit to the generated address.

Step 5 Wait for your swap to be done.

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When you use our aggregator you get:

  • Complete control over your digital assets.
  • Preservation of your privacy with no need for identity verification.
  • Rapid transactions without extra service charges.
  • Connection to numerous instant exchange platforms for real-time access to top offers.
  • Compatibility with over a thousand cryptocurrency trading pairs and ongoing expansion on our platform.

Why convert Bitcoin (btc) to a different cryptocurrency?

  • Diversification: To minimize risk, investors often diversify their portfolios by holding a variety of assets, including different cryptocurrencies. Converting Bitcoin to another cryptocurrency can help spread the risk and potentially increase returns.

  • Trading and arbitrage opportunities: Traders may convert Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies to take advantage of price differences between various exchanges or market inefficiencies. This is known as arbitrage and can lead to potential profits.

  • Access to different projects or platforms: Some cryptocurrencies offer unique features or capabilities that Bitcoin does not have. For example, Ethereum enables the creation of smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). By converting Bitcoin to Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies, a user can access and participate in these projects or platforms.

  • Faster transactions or lower fees: Some cryptocurrencies, such as Litecoin or Ripple, offer faster transaction times and lower fees compared to Bitcoin. Converting Bitcoin to one of these alternatives may be beneficial for users who require quick transfers or are looking to minimize transaction costs.

  • Privacy and anonymity: Certain cryptocurrencies, like Monero or ZCash, focus on providing enhanced privacy and anonymity features. Users who value these aspects may choose to convert their Bitcoin to a privacy-centric cryptocurrency.

  • Speculation on price growth: Investors may convert Bitcoin to another cryptocurrency if they believe the other cryptocurrency has a higher growth potential or better long-term prospects.

  • Supporting a particular project or community: Some users may have a personal preference or belief in the mission, development team, or community of a particular cryptocurrency. By converting Bitcoin to the preferred cryptocurrency, they can show their support and become a part of that community.

Always remember that converting cryptocurrencies involves risks, and the market can be volatile. It’s essential to conduct thorough research and consult a financial professional if necessary before making any decisions about converting Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies.