The world’s most advanced automated crypto trade bots

Rapidly develop, backtest, and deploy high frequency crypto trade bots across dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges in minutes, not hours.

The legendary on-premise trade automation server

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Tame volatile cryptocurrency markets like a pro with the speed and power of HaasOnline TradeServer.

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Advanced Crypto Trading

Leverage advanced functionality such as custom order types, bot extensions, market scanners, portfolio management, and much more.

Reduce Emotions

When you spend more time refining your trading methodology, you’re less likely to react emotionally under stressful trading events.

Complete Privacy

Stay out of the Cloud with HaasOnline TradeServer. Your trade data and API keys are stored on your secure hardware, safe from third-party tracking.

Improve Efficiency

Save hundreds of hours over the lifetime of your trading when you replicate and automate your manual trading tasks.

No Fees or Restrictions

Our plans include all of our integrated exchanges, no restrictions on trade volume, and we never take a percentage of your profitable trades.

Tame Volatility

Add additional layers of risk management to help protect your positions or take advantage of volatility with trading bots tailored for specific market conditions.