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Step 2 Choose the best offer for your pairs.
Step 3 Enter the amount of BTC you are going to swap.
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How Do Instant Swaps Work?

We compile offers for supported cryptocurrency pairs from over 15 exchange services by utilizing their APIs. Upon receiving users’ inquiries, we obtain deals directly from our partners and sort them based on rate, speed, and rating. Users can then conveniently perform swaps through their selected providers without ever having to leave our website.

When you use our aggregator you get:

  • Complete control over your digital assets.
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  • Compatibility with over a thousand cryptocurrency trading pairs and ongoing expansion on our platform.

Why convert Bitcoin (btc) to Monero (xmr)?

  • Enhanced privacy: Monero offers superior privacy features compared to Bitcoin, utilizing technologies like ring signatures, stealth addresses, and RingCT to obfuscate transaction details. This makes it difficult to trace transactions and the individuals involved, which may appeal to those who prioritize privacy.
  • Anonymity: While Bitcoin transactions are pseudonymous, they can still be linked to individuals through blockchain analysis. Monero’s privacy features make it nearly impossible to link transactions to specific users, offering a higher level of anonymity.
  • Fungibility: Monero’s inherent privacy features make its coins fungible, meaning each coin is indistinguishable from another. This is not the case with Bitcoin, as its transparent blockchain can lead to “tainted” coins associated with illicit activities. Converting Bitcoin to Monero can help maintain the fungibility of one’s digital assets.
  • Regulatory considerations: Some users may choose to convert Bitcoin to Monero due to concerns about regulatory scrutiny or potential future restrictions on the use of cryptocurrencies with transparent blockchains.
  • Diversification: Converting Bitcoin to Monero can be a part of an investor’s strategy to diversify their cryptocurrency portfolio, distributing risk across multiple assets and taking advantage of different market dynamics.

It’s essential to note that while Monero offers enhanced privacy features, it may also be subject to increased regulatory attention and potential limitations in certain jurisdictions. Users should be aware of the potential risks and legal implications associated with using privacy-focused cryptocurrencies.