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$ 64,663.33
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Swapping Crypto Is Easy!

Step 1 Select the Bitcoin (BTC) to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) exchange pair.
Step 2 Choose the best offer for your pairs.
Step 3 Enter the amount of BTC you are going to swap.
Step 4 Enter your wallet address to receive BCH.
Step 5 Send your deposit to the generated address.
Step 6 Wait for your deposit to be processed and receive your BCH.

How Do Instant Swaps Work?

We compile offers for supported cryptocurrency pairs from over 15 exchange services by utilizing their APIs. Upon receiving users’ inquiries, we obtain deals directly from our partners and sort them based on rate, speed, and rating. Users can then conveniently perform swaps through their selected providers without ever having to leave our website.

When you use our aggregator you get:

  • Complete control over your digital assets.
  • Preservation of your privacy with no need for identity verification.
  • Rapid transactions without extra service charges.
  • Connection to numerous instant exchange platforms for real-time access to top offers.
  • Compatibility with over a thousand cryptocurrency trading pairs and ongoing expansion on our platform.

Why convert Bitcoin (BTC) to Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

  • Lower transaction fees: Bitcoin Cash was created as a fork of Bitcoin in 2017, primarily to address the issue of high transaction fees and scalability on the Bitcoin network. BCH generally has lower transaction fees compared to BTC, which can make it more attractive for smaller transactions or frequent use.

  • Faster transaction times: Bitcoin Cash has a larger block size (currently up to 32 MB) compared to Bitcoin’s 1 MB. This allows for more transactions to be processed in each block, leading to faster confirmation times. As a result, some users may prefer to convert BTC to BCH for quicker transactions, especially during times of network congestion.

  • Diversification: Some investors or users may want to diversify their cryptocurrency holdings to hedge against potential risks associated with a single digital asset. By converting a portion of their BTC to BCH, they can achieve a level of diversification in their portfolio.

  • Supporting the Bitcoin Cash network: Some people may prefer the underlying philosophy or technical aspects of Bitcoin Cash and choose to support the network by converting their BTC to BCH. They may believe in the long-term potential of BCH or see it as a more functional alternative to Bitcoin.

  • Merchant acceptance: Some merchants may accept Bitcoin Cash as a payment option but not Bitcoin, due to lower transaction fees and faster processing times. In such cases, a user may need to convert their BTC to BCH in order to make a purchase.

It’s important to note that converting between cryptocurrencies may involve risks, such as price volatility and potential tax implications. Always do thorough research and consider your specific circumstances before engaging in any cryptocurrency conversion.