Add A Card

Adding a new credit or debit card is easy.

If you would like to add a new card for purchasing crypto just follow these few easy steps.

Select the amount, fiat currency, and cryptocurrency:

Click ‘See Calculation’ for a breakdown of the price you pay and any fees. ‘Slippage’ tells you how the price is, compared to the market price.


‘Processing Time’ is how long your payment takes for that payment method.

See here for the payment methods, fees, and limits

Enter your wallet address.

 You can get this from your wallet. There are many software and mobile app wallets available.

Our favorite multi-chain wallert  is the Edge Wallet, it supports many coins and tokens.

For Bitcoin only, blue wallet is awesome.

If you are looking to upgrade to hardware wallet you can choose from a number of great options here.

Payment page:

To change the card details, Click on the current card details in the dropdown menu under ‘Using payment method’ , it will display  the form fields where you can add a new card.


Add a new card:

Add and save your new card details. You can now use this new card to complete the transaction.